DRW Medical: NAPA Airway Monitor

The NAPA Airway Pressure Monitor continuously measures and monitors airway pressure during BCPAP and NHF Therapy and alerts clinicians immediately of an over- or under-pressure event.

Over-pressure occurrences can result in potential lung damage or CLD, while repeated desat/hypoxic events create an avoidable cycle of de-recruitment and recovery, potentially promoting a pro-inflammatory/pro-oxidant cascade that ultimately leads to a number of long-term neurodevelopmental and cardiovascular issues.

Monitoring BCPAP is no longer optional. It is a requirement when delivering BCPAP to infants in the NICU, as stated in the JCAHO and AARC Neonatal CPAP Guidelines.

Ordering Information:

Product CodeProduct DescriptionBox Qty
LP-15NAPA© Airway Pressure Monitor with Power Supply.1
NP-CATHNAPA© Nasal Pharyngeal Catheter, Size: 3.5 Fr.10
AC-PCPole Mounting Clamp for NAPA© Airway Pressure Monitor.1
AC-MTSample Line Set for NAPA©25
AC-BRMounting Bracket for NAPA© LP-15 Airway Pressure Monitor.1

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