Tidi Products: Grip-Lok

Catheter and Line Securement Products for securing all types of tubes, lines and catheters.

Safe… Grip-Lok is latex free and packaged sterile, allowing you to use Grip-Lok close to the insertion site or right in the sterile field.

Simple… Grip-Lok is applied in the same simple manner as a bandage and can be easily placed and adjusted with gloved hands.

Secure… Durably engineered, Grip-Lok holds better than tape and helps prevent dislodgement and migration, resulting in reduced risk of lost lines and patient discomfort. Using Grip-Lok for catheter stabilization conforms to the Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice and can eliminate the need for sutures and unscheduled catheter restarts, thus directly reducing needle stick injuries.

Versatile… Many Grip-Lok models can be universally used with a wide range of lines and tubes along with virtually all catheter brands and types.

Ordering Information:

Item #Product DescriptionTubing SizeBox Qty
2100NGHNeonatal Nasal Feeding Tube Securement1mm-2mm50
2200NUZAUniversal Neonatal PICC & Line Securement1mm-2mm50
3200SSmall Tubing SecurementUp to 4.5mm50
3300MMedium Tubing Securement3-8mm100
3300MARTArterial Catheter & Peripheral IV SecurementN/A100
3300MIVUniversal Arterial Catheter & Peripheral IV SecurementN/A100
3300MWAWide Adhesive Universal PICC SecurementN/A100
3400LLarge Tubing Securement6-13mm100
3400LFCFoley Catheter SecurementN/A100
3601CVCCVC Securement with Hook & Loop FastenerN/A100

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